For a long time, I lived without prayer.  During those years I would find myself in a constant depression and feelings of hopelessness.  Within the last year (I want to say since around January) I have dedicated the time right before bed and sporadically throughout the day for prayer.  

Nothing can stand in your way when your soul is in connection with God.  For me, the need for prayer began when my 21 year old cousin (living in Florida) fell ill with an immune disorder.  At first the doctor’s diagnosed her with what they thought was Wegener’s; a fatal disease that progressively gets worse as the body’s immune and nervous system break down.  I was very afraid; but after having been exposed to the Greek Orthodox (I was baptized as a Greek Orthodox when I was about a year old) bible earlier last year, I realized that the best thing I could possibly do for Katina, my cousin, was to pray for her well-being and full recovery of health.  (If you’re unaware, the King James Bible is based off of the original Greek translation of the current Greek Orthodox bible…it is VERY different!  I am also pretty sure that other original languages that the newer versions of the Bible are translated from the Hebrew and…Aramaic?)  It was obviously not an easy time for her, but after a few months had gone by and proper medications were prescribed, her conditions improved slightly.  I will never forget how much love poured through the phone line when I told her that I had been praying for her every night since I had heard of her falling ill; she was almost in shock.  I told her, “Why wouldn’t I?” 

My faith in Jesus and in God has helped me feel whole again.  I am not trying to push Christianity onto anyone that comes across this blog and actually starts reading!  I’m really not trying to advocate anything by writing here, other than finding truth!  One of my spiritual teachers said once, “There is no such thing as ‘My Truth’.  There is only ‘Truth’.”  How true.

Our hearts can lead us to many places, but when our faith in God is strong, He does guide us.  



The affirmations that can be found a little further down in this post are found in Dr. John Demartini’s amazing book, “The Breakthrough Experience.”  At first, I couldn’t help but find myself taking the affirmations found throughout the pages and taping them to the mirror in my bathroom.  Like people usually do with resolutions, it was quite strong at first…I would say them every morning out loud, and more often than not, whenever I stood in front of the mirror.  Sometimes I purposefully put myself there to recite them out loud and (Dr. Demartini suggests this) stare at myself straight in the eye as I said them.  When I said the affirmations, I poured every part of my being into the absolute unity with the meaning of the words.  These affirmations brought me so many cleansing tears and in all honesty I couldn’t think of a better thing to share, especially so early in this blog.

After a few months had gone by, the list of affirmations ended up falling off the mirror and landed right into the toilet (literally).  Before I had figured out where the list had gone, I actually felt a bit panicked when I saw that there were no longer taped to the mirror.  I immediately started to place blame on my boyfriend (at that time) and thought that he took them down (i.e.: misery loves company).  I searched near the mirror and started crying when I saw that they were half soaked in the toilet bowl.  What a sick joke the universe is playing on me, I thought.  I started laughing at the move that karma, or something like it, had made.  I paused for a few moments and considered that God was perhaps just challenging me with this event.  Now, looking back, I guess that maybe it was just a signal that the list was no longer needed.  A few months before the list fell off the mirror, there were many days where I winced in disbelief as I glanced at the words while washing my hands.  Right…I am an infinite child of the universe…Ha!  It is important to take note of these behaviors, if you do choose to begin saying affirmations.  These are subtle hints at the repertoire of the negativity the mind chooses to self-disengage.  Be wary of those violent attacks.  They will only cause you more pain.  Be valiant with the way you shoot down those negative thoughts.  They can vanish just as easily as they erupt.  Crush them.

There is a quote from Hellen Keller, “Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” I had read this quote a few years ago.  The access to positivity and the resolution to your problems is always within you.  You are a part of that same force.  Never believe otherwise.  I did not replace the list of affirmations onto the mirror.

Here they are:

“I am magnificent just the way I am.

I listen to my immortal nature, and it knows.

My true nature is love and wisdom.

Wisdom is the instantaneous recognition that crisis is a blessing.

Life is a gift.  Thank you.

I  am made of light.  What can harm me?

I am worthy of having all of my dreams come true.  How is this helping me fulfill my destiny?

Love is all there is; everything else is illusion.

No matter what I have done, or have not done, I am worthy of love.

I see my dreams with crystal clarity.

I am worthy of having my dreams come true.

The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline.

A genius listens to the guidance of the soul, and obeys.

I am a genius, and I apply my wisdom.

I do what I love, and I love what I do.

I am a human being.  I have every trait in perfect balance, and they all serve.

Whatever I see is me.

Whatever appears, I look for the other side and am free.

I take no credit and take no blame.  This, too, is a lesson in love.

Thank you for my skills and opportunities to participate in this world.”



I have designed this blog with the intention to help people create a more balanced and beneficial mindset through the use of mediums including the written, sung, and spoken word; photographed and painted visuals; and whatever else happens to gently unravel from the depth of simply being.  This blog is serving as a motivational tool for not just my creativity, but yours as well.  Image

In my 26th year of life, I can say that I truly feel that I am walking the path I am meant to be on.  It has never felt as clear as it has within the past month or so (another catalyst to the creation of this thinger).  Once you realize that you are meant to be right where you are, the questions just start to fall away.  It’s okay to feel anger, pain, love, joy, sadness, peace, or whatever comes up.  The most important thing is to release these emotions and let them  be given up.  God, the higher force (or whatever you like to perceive the energy that surrounds you as), is always with you.